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Peter James O’Connor


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Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorney. Peter James O’Connor is an Arizona licensed attorney. Furthermore, he graduated from Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. In addition to his law degree, Peter holds a Master of Science and two Baccalaureates. With more than fifteen years of experience at the bar; Peter brings acumen and discernment to the successful resolution of complex legal problems.

Also, before entering private practice, Peter served for more than a year as a Judicial Clerk to the Arizona Court of Appeals; where, working closely with seasoned appellate judges, Peter drafted more than fifty legal decisions, including a published Opinion that remains the law of Arizona (In Re: Robert A., 199 Ariz. 485, 19 P.3d 626 (App.2001)).

As legal counsel, Peter’s assertive representation effectively resolves clients’ legal cases, including serious criminal charges and personal injury lawsuits. Notably, his successful and reported appellate decision (Mangan v. Mangan, 227 Ariz. 346, 258 P.3d 164 (App. 2011)) attests to Peter’s astute appellate advocacy. So, whether you’re seeking legal counsel for a business or representation in a personal injury or criminal trial or appeal, Peter will vigorously represent your legal interests.

Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorney

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