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Our firm has handled hundreds of probate cases and are staffed to handle any of your probate needs.

Our qualified probate attorney in Scottsdale AZ represents individuals and families throughout Arizona in probate and trust matters including litigation involving wills, trusts, and actions by executors and trustees for breach of fiduciary duty.

What is a Probate?

Probate is the process of establishing ownership of an asset. So, the process can be agonizing, lengthy, stressful, frustrating, and expensive. The size of an estate determines whether frozen assets in the estate can be probated with a “small estate affidavit” or probated through the court in an informal probate process.

Types of Probate

Furthermore, in Arizona, if a decedent’s real estate portfolio exceeds $100,000 or a decedent’s personal property portfolio exceeds $75,000, then the estate must go through the court using an informal probate process.

Indeed, unbearable, as you can see, these allowable limits are relatively low. Therefore, most estates will not be subject to informal probate if the decedent established an appropriately crafted estate plan. If a decedent’s estate is within the above allowable limits, the estate will avoid probate, and the persona representative can administer the estate using a small estate affidavit.

If the decedent estate is over the above statutory limits and has no will or no valid will, a more complicated probate will need to be established. This process is known as formal probate. Also, formal probate requires a court hearing, are more expensive, take more extended periods, and are regulated more closely by the court system.

Do You Need Probate Attorney in Arizona?

If a loved one died with or without a last will and testament and you require legal assistance regarding the probate process you should speak with an experienced probate attorney as soon as possible. Contact us online or call our Scottsdale office directly to schedule your free consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout the state of Arizona.

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Moreover, our goal at the Hall Law Group is to help you avoid probate by being proactive by establishing an estate plan before your passing. However, if you pass away without an estate plan and your assets are subject to probate, we can assist your loved ones through the probate process.

After your passing, your family and loved ones will have an easier time managing your affairs and passing assets in the trust to your beneficiaries. If the decedent executed an appropriate estate plan and funded the trust, your heirs will transfer your assets to beneficiaries with the courts’ assistance. Please call the Hall Law Group at 480-478-0040 for a free consultation.

Probate Attorney Scottsdale


Probate Attorney Scottsdale