Personal Injury Lawyers – Qualities You Should Consider. Today’s guest blog is by K Durham Law, PLLC. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Attorney Mark E. Hall.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Lawyers – Qualities You Should Consider


Suffering from a personal injury is a traumatic event and it can entirely change the course of a victim’s life. The person who caused the pain should pay for your losses. Even though it may not fully make up for the misery, but things will get a little easier. The procedure for claiming compensation can be an arduous one, but hiring a good personal injury attorney will make it effortless. Below are some fundamental qualities to look for in the lawyer who shall represent your case:

1. Empathy

The majority of clients filing for personal injury claims are hurt physically and mentally. They need a lawyer who is ready to listen to them and understand what they are going through. You do not want others to feel sorry for you or show pity, but merely to recognize your pain. A good lawyer will answer all your questions and resolve all your concerns, even when you are being repetitive or slightly irrational. He/she will make you feel at home, so you can share everything you may have bottled up since the unfortunate incident.

If a lawyer appears to be indifferent or cold at first glance, you should cross them off your list and move on. You do not want to hire someone who is just looking to take on a maximum number of cases. Disinterest from the beginning indicates that they only aim to resolve the case as soon as possible, which can in some cases to an unsatisfactory outcome.

2. Relevant Experience & Expertise

There could be hundreds of lawyers in your area, willing to take your case. However, you should not settle for any lawyer other than one experienced in personal injury law. A divorce attorney may offer you his/her services for less, but they are likely to be unqualified for the job. You need an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours and won a large number of them. There are several types of personal injury lawyers as well, so you may have to dig deeper. For example, an attorney who is experienced with car accident injuries may not possess the expertise to fight a worker’s compensation claim. Do your research before narrowing down your options; look at customer reviews, skim through their website, and ask about previous cases in person.

3. Doesn’t demand upfront fees

The demand for any upfront fee is a major red flag, as the majority of personal injury lawyers work on contingency. This implies that the lawyer will settle for a percentage of the recovered amount, i.e. if you lose the case then they won’t get paid. Many law firms advertise that they don’t charge anything at the beginning, but hidden costs come up later; so beware, and clear up this confusion prior to hiring them.

4. Handles Everything

You hired a lawyer for a reason, so let them take the burden. A good lawyer will take responsibility for all the legal paperwork and miscellaneous requirements of the case. He/she will negotiate with insurance providers and deal with the opponent’s attorney while you can focus on the recovery of your mental and physical health.


Personal Injury Lawyers – Qualities You Should Consider