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Estate Planning Attorney Mark E Hall

Attorney Mark E Hall


Attorney Mark E Hall is a persuasive, experienced and skilled advisor with a history of delivering innovative legal and business solutions based upon sound and resourceful strategies. Demonstrated success in handling complex litigation matters, including managing litigation teams with multiple firms in complex matters. Resourceful with the ability to assess all issues to adequately protect clients and complete projects while adhering to rigid deadlines.

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Attorney Mark E Hall Specialties

▪ Litigation and Strategic Legal Analysis
▪ Land Acquisition/Development
▪ Regulatory Licensing/Compliance
▪ Contract Drafting/Negotiations
▪ Risk Management
▪ Entitlement/Forward Planning
▪ Business Advisory & Solutions
▪ Asset Management/Protection
▪ Strategic Planning
▪ Property Tax Redemption/Foreclosure
▪ Entity Formation/Restructuring


Mark E. Hall, P.C.
October 2005 to Present
Practice Areas Include Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Probate

Bachman Springs

In House Counsel
General Counsel directing entitlement work and financing for a high end master planned community.
January 2009 – December 2009

Rhodes Homes

House Counsel
General Counsel directing entitlement approvals, contract drafting and negotiation for master planned communities in Las Vegas, Nevada and Kingman, Arizona

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