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Estate Administration Attorney Scottsdale – Over the past 20 years, we have represented clients regarding the full range of Arizona estate planning issues.  This representation  includes Estate Planning, Probate, Formal Probate Proceedings, Estate Administration, Will Contests and assisting in the alleviation of Estate taxes.   One of the pressing needs we assist with is when a relative or friend passes away and the family needs immediate help to probate a Will.  This immediate process is important to receive a court appointment of an Personal Representative or an Estate Administrator. These appointments are necessary for the protection of a decedent’s assets and for a proper distribution of assets to beneficiaries. As an Arizona estate planning attorney, our firm is qualified to assist with any of your estate planning needs.

An interesting area of law that we practice, is in tax lien foreclosures.  The laws in Arizona for dealing with unpaid property taxes is very aggressive for any investor who is willing to purchase pay the delinquent taxes at an auction.  Specifically, if real property owners fail to pay the property taxes on their homes, commercial properties or raw land, the Arizona statutes allows the county treasure to lien the property for the unpaid. If the property owner does not pay the taxes for a period of two years, the counties will hold an auction and sell the tax lien to investors.  When an investor purchases the tax lien from the county, they receive a certificate of purchase on the property. The certificate of purchase provides the investor the right to receive their principal plus interest if the property owner redeems and pays their property taxes.  If the property owner does not redeem the delinquent property taxes and the taxes were sold to an investor, the investor has the right to file a complaint and foreclose on the property

 This area of law is very tricky and fraught with timing and logistic traps.  At Mark E. Hall, PC, we are experienced in the areas of real estate and property tax matters.  We have handled over 100 tax lien foreclosure cases.  We also provide to our clients a reasonable and competitive rate.


Estate Administration Attorney Scottsdale – Mark E. Hall has always had a history of providing persuasive, experienced, and skilled advice; while delivering innovative legal, estate planning, probate and business solutions based on sound and resourceful strategies.  His success was built on the handling of complex personal injury, criminal and litigation matters.  This also includes experience as in-house general counsel to a large development company; managing litigation teams with multiple firms in complex matters.  In addition to being resourceful, he has the ability to assess all issues to adequately protect clients and complete projects while adhering to rigid deadlines. Contact Attorney Mark E Hall to schedule your Estate Planning consultation today!

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Estate Administration Attorney Scottsdale