10 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident- Today’s guest blog is by the Fresno Injury Firm. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of Attorney Mark E. Hall.

10 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident

10 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident


Studies report that vehicle collisions occur every minute of the day throughout the world, typically every sixty seconds. Experiencing a collision can be a horrific tragedy especially if you are unaware of the essential steps to take. Here are ten essential steps to take after being in a vehicle accident.

♦ Step One: Examine Yourself, Passengers & Other Drivers

At this point, if you find any harm or damage, you can also notify your local law enforcement about these concerns. In the event you are harmed, stay put and wait for emergency assistance. If there is no fatal harm or damage that prevents you to move and you have other passengers in your car check their conditions. Also, check the other drivers on the scene, they may have already contacted the local police.

♦ Step Two: Remain At the Scene

As tragic as it is, it is very important to remain on the scene at the point of a car accident in Fresno. Leaving the scene may cause other serious criminal charges, such as a hit and run.

10 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident

♦ Step Three: Move to a Safe Spot

It is not always good to move your car as this is evidence, to determine exactly how the car accident was caused. However, if it is a hazardous situation, where it can cause harm to other drivers on the road, it might be ok to move your car to the side of the road to safety. Just be sure to take as many pictures as you can if you have to move your vehicle. If the vehicle is ok where it is, it is best to leave it there.

♦ Step Four: Contact Your Local Law Enforcement

Whether it is minor or a fatal collision, contacting the police is an essential step to take. Depending on which state you reside in it could be illegal not to report a vehicle accident. The officer that responds to the scene will document the accident report with important details and facts from the scene.

♦ Step 5: Wait for Assistance

Once you have contacted the authorities, turn off your vehicle, put your hazard lights on and if you have road flares, use them to alarm other drivers to slow down.

10 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident


♦ Step 6: Exchange Contact and Insurance Information

Once you examine yourself and any other passengers on the scene and there are no injuries, exchange insurance, and contact information with the other driver or drivers.

This may include your name, contact number, insurance information, driver’s license, license plate info and the location where the accident took place. Furthermore, avoid conversations with the other driver or drivers in regards to further details about the collision.

♦ Step 7: Document As Much Details as Possible

For thorough documentation and security for yourself, it is essential to try to document as many details possible. Here are the essential things you should document:

♦ Retrieve the officer’s information

♦ Get a copy of the police report from Fresno police

♦ Take as many pictures of the scene and all vehicles

♦ Write down the names of all passengers on the scene

♦ Talk to witnesses who witnessed the accident

♦ Step 8: Contact Your Insurance Company and Open a Claim

The effective way to report an accident to your insurance company is reporting, while you are on the scene, this way a representative can tell you exactly what is needed to initiate a claim.

10 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident


♦ Step 9: Document and Stay On Top Of Medical Treatment

If you were injured by the collision, it is also essential to document and keep copies of all medical documents, prescriptions, medicines, and bills provided to you during treatment. This will help you to prove how the injuries have triggered pain and suffering in your daily life. Moreover, in the event, you have to miss work or family activities due to treatment, document this as well, as it is crucial upon your claim on proof on how this tragic accident has clearly affected your life.

♦ Step 10: Determine If You Should Contact a Fresno Injury Attorney

In the event that you or anyone in the accident was injured, it is essential to contact an accident lawyer who specializes in vehicle accidents. Fresno car accident lawyers offer more than seventy years of experience in vehicle accidents.

10 Essential Steps To Take After A Car Accident