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Mark E. Hall

Attorney / Partner

Mark Hall has been an estate planning and probate attorney for 12 years.  He has helped thousands of clients in the state of Arizona with their estate planning needs.

Scottsdale Attorney

Scottsdale Attorney Mark E. Hall is a premier boutique estate planning, probate, personal injury, and business planning law firm located in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. We use proven practices in estate planning and probate to provide the expertise necessary to handle all your family’s estate planning needs during your life, disability, or death.  Our law practice is deliberately small, allowing us to provide a level of intimacy with our clients and their families. We value the fiendships and relationships we build with our clients. Our legal work is as much about drafting documents as it is about the advising that occurs during the process we build with our clients. We approach all legal matters at our firm to fulfill our clients’ objectives as we provide legal solutions. We want to ensure that our client’s legacy is preserved and protected. We also desire our clients to not only be satisfied with our work product but content with the process and the service we provide them during the process. We need to provide our clients with peace of mind that their estate planning affairs are in order.
Finally, we work as a complete team. All the attorneys, paralegals, and support teams are all part of the process of achieving professional work products and results for our clients. We value our office environment that is respectful and supportive of each other, and we expect nothing less for our clients.

Scottsdale Attorney – At The Law Offices of Mark E. Hall, our legal careers are also devoted to fighting for those clients injured as a result of a third-party negligent or careless act.  For 20 years, we are committed to providing dedicated legal representation to the injured. We understand that our legal services are often a massive relief for people when their insurance companies fail to properly compensate them for their injuries.  We take our personal injury cases personally. We understand clients in our office have experienced a physical injury, emotional trauma, and financial hardships.

Since 1995, when Mark E. Hall opened his personal injury and criminal practice in Mesa Arizona, he worked hard to ensure his legal team executes their duties aggressively and with respect for our clients, within the Arizona legal profession and with claim adjusters working in the insurance industry. We all recognize that when we are working a personal injury case, we will not buckle to empty threats, nor will we settle a case for less than the full value of what our clients deserve.
We take the commitment to our clients very seriously.

Mark E. Hall – We are committed to not settle a case for less than its fair market value. While many Arizona law firms have a quick settlement rate from grabbing up every claim from their aggressive advertising and then quickly settling the cases out-of-court, we have proven our capacity to achieve the highest value for all our cases. This commitment means we are prepared to take a case to trial.
We are proud of what our small firm has accomplished. We are also proud of the fact that we are accessible to our clients. Our clients understand that we will also return their calls the same day or within 24 hours. Our clients also know that they can count on us for attentive status updates on their case and a realistic explanation of what they might expect for a settlement of their case.

Scottsdale Attorney