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Our goal at the Law Firm of Mark E. Hall, P.C. is to provide our clients with a well thought out and structured Estate Plan.  A properly drafted Estate Plan that is fully funded with your assets.  It is important to execute documents that will avoid the probate process when you pass away.  Our desire is to ensure a seamless transition to your loved ones while closing out your trust/estate; thus providing the proper distributions to beneficiaries and heirs.  Moreover, we offer an honest evaluation and strategic implementation of your Estate Plan. The Law Firm of Mark E. Hall, P.C. upholds our integrity and your confidentiality while treating your case with understanding and compassion.  As a result, we protect our clients the way we protect our families.  It is never too early to plan for the future.  Let the Scottsdale Estate Planning Law Firm ensure your future is a bright one.  Mark E. Hall, P.C. provides legal advice and assistance to clients regarding Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Probate, Personal Injury and Tax Lien Foreclosures.

Estate Planning

The Law Firm Mark E Hall can tailor and custom fit an estate plan to fit your needs, and will ensure your loved ones with a seamless transition in closing out your trust/estate and making the proper distributions to beneficiaries and heirs.



Probate is the process of establishing ownership of an asset after someone has passed away.  The Law Firm Mark E. Hall has handled hundreds of probate cases.  Although the process can be agonizing, lengthy, stressful, frustrating and expensive, we have the experience to assist you through the probate process. 

Scottsdale Estate Planning Attorney










Personal Injury and Wrongful Death




Scottsdale Estate Planning Attorney

Attorney Mark E. Hall has always had a history of providing persuasive, experienced, and skilled advice; while delivering innovative legal and business solutions based on sound and resourceful strategies. His success was built on the handling of complex litigation matters; including managing litigation teams with multiple firms in complex matters. In addition to being resourceful, he has the ability to assess all issues to adequately protect clients and complete projects while adhering to rigid deadlines. Contact Attorney Mark E Hall to schedule your Estate Planning consultation today!




Scottsdale Estate Planning Attorney